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Find the right charger with Right Charge

Find the right charger with Right Charge
21st February 2022
Joseph Wilkie
The movement towards electric vehicles is already underway. Find out which charger suits you by comparing and contrasting the best chargers on the market.

As drivers start to embrace the electric vehicle revolution more and more, it is vitally important that you find the right charger for your car, van or motorhome. Different EV chargers offer different benefits; some are cheaper than others and offer better tariffs, some charge their vehicles faster, and some have different green energy benefits. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was one location that you could go to that breaks down the different chargers in an easy to digest format?

Enter Right Charge.

Right Charge helps electric vehicle owners to identify which charger and tariff best suits their vehicle and their residential or commercial property requirements. Their unique search system allows users to input information in regards to their vehicle and their property so as to match their criteria with the best available charge point options.

Right Charge: Saving Money, Energy and the Planet

How it all began

Right Charge was founded in 2019 by Charlie Cook. Having worked at first as an engineer, Charlie switched to working with electric vehicles after watching An Inconvenient Truth and being inspired to help reduce emissions.

Charlie began working for Octopus Energy and helped to spearhead projects installing some of the first vehicle-to-grid chargers in the UK. He also helped to create energy tariffs that were tailored specifically to electric car drivers.

Noticing that the electric vehicle industry was quickly evolving and that more and more advanced chargers and other equipment were being developed, Charlie realised that there was no easy way for drivers to compare and contrast the different products available on the market. From this, Right Charge was born.

As well as offering a unique insight into the electric vehicle charger market, they are completely dedicated to helping drivers and dealerships to reduce their carbon emissions. They are on a mission to create a greener, cleaner world, and their objectives are:

  1. Give all-electric car drivers the chance to get the right charger and tariff
  2. Explain the benefits of smart charging
  3. Help drivers save over £10 billion and 3.8 billion kilograms collectively by 2030 through better home charging

The Tesla Wall Connector. The name Tesla is synonymous with electric vehicles.

Matching cars with chargers

The Right Charge search system contains all of the leading electric vehicle charger brands, including Tesla, MyEnergi, Zaptec, and more. By completing the simple online form and filling in the details of your car or van; the system produces a comparison of the chargers available, breaking down the benefits of each as well as the cost of installation.

Some chargers require an upfront payment for the purchase of the charger and its installation. Other chargers - such as the Smart Pro Subscription by Indra - can be paid on a monthly basis which covers the charger, its installation and any future repairs or maintenance that may be required. Right Charge covers the entirety of the UK and has a dedicated team of over 50 installers who operate from a variety of locales around the country. Their expert installers are all NICEIC accredited and are fully insured. Upon the submission of your request, a Right Charge installer will complete a survey of your property and provide further advice on whether the charger you have chosen is the best for your vehicle and property. All chargers also come with a warranty.

Right Charge compares EV chargers for every electric vehicle on the market, from the all electric Audi e-tron to the Hybrid Volvo XC-90 T8  series. Through Right Charge, you can additionally look at available tariff rates on chargers; helping you to decide which works best for your situation and which tariff saves you the most money.

The Volvo XC-90 T8 Hybrid; more power, less emissions.

Working well with others

Right Charge has partnered up with other like-minded companies whose aims are to increase client profitability while saving electric vehicle owners money, and to reduce carbon emissions throughout the UK.

Leasing.Cars is a partner of Right Charge. We recognised that it can sometimes be difficult to cut through all of the noise around electric vehicles. Right Charge runs a market leading electric car and van charger and energy tariff comparison website which helps to identify the key criteria that you are interested in, in regards to selecting the right charger for your vehicle and property.

We know that, even with the sharp increase in electric and hybrid vehicle drivers on the roads, there is still much ‘mystery’ surrounding EV cars and chargers. This particularly includes the technical language often thrust at us when browsing different so called “expert” websites. Terms such as “kW”, “kWh”, and “Amps” can mean very little to the uninitiated. We wanted to simplify this, which is why we chose to partner with Right Charge. Their search program creates an easy to understand comparison between chargers and energy tariffs that conveys any technical lingo in layman’s terms.

If you would like to see what Right Charge is all about and to take your first steps towards finding the perfect charger for your electric vehicle, visit our partner website here.