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Hands up who knows the most popular model of Toyota ever produced…yes you’re right it is the Toyota Corolla. They have been produced since 1966 and today one rolls off the production line and is sold every 27 seconds. They have produced a staggering 40 million vehicles since its launch!

Interestingly the company was originally called Toyoda (with a “d”) and was named after the founder Mr Toyoda. It was only changed after a survey found that the word Toyota was more visually appealing to the Japanese market. The company was started in 1933 and in 1949 the company was on the brink of bankruptcy, but eventually obtained a loan from a consortium of banks which stipulated an independent sales operation and elimination of "excess manpower". Today it is the second largest automobile manufacturer in the world with sales of 10.175 million cars and 348 877 employees in 2016.

Toyotas are pretty reliable too. Statistically over 80% of Toyotas that were sold twenty years ago are still on the road today.